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Payments Operations & Strategy Forum

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Amy Cohen
Senior Analyst / Payments Operations & Strategy Forum Manager

The Payments Operations and Strategy Forum
Since 1990, Global Concepts has been a leader in the payments arena by providing various Forums to the financial services industry.  The Payments Operations and Strategy Forum stems from that twenty year legacy of payments operations discussions, beginning with the Image Forum and the Check Forum.  As the banking industry evolves, the Forum is expanding to incorporate an enterprise-wide scope of payments operations.
Leading members who participate in the Forum
The Payments Operations Forum is an interactive space for dialogue among heads of payments operations and transaction processing, high level project groups charged with implementing strategic initiatives in payments operations, payments czars who coordinate the enterprise strategy for payments profitability, and governance teams who oversee strategic outsourcing relationships with third party partners.  If you are responsible for payments operations and people look to you for senior leadership in related areas, then the Payments Operations and Strategy Forum is an ideal place for you to share and gain knowledge with peers and colleagues.
Strategic content for discussion among peers
Global Concepts pledges to deliver relevant, high-quality presentations and research at each meeting, enhanced by ample member discussion and interaction. We build meeting agendas around the requests of Forum members and the current direction of the industry, leveraging the firm's vast experience in bank operations to provide the best case studies, original research, and in-depth discussions, along with a written synopsis of each meeting.  Key topics will include the following: 

  • Strategic lessons in innovation from banking and other industries 
  • Cutting-edge advances in payments operations technology
  • Efficiency and cost control, including methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma
  • Enhanced risk management tools to mitigate fraud and other types of operational risk
  • Consolidating systems, processes, and other resources during mergers & acquisitions
  • Managing people and maintaining the right organizational incentives
  • Outsourcing, vendor management and maximizing relationships with third parties
  • Best practices in back-office support for DDA systems
  • Evolution and development of payments hubs
  • Wider applications of automation, document imaging, and paper electronification, such as image ATMs, branch cash recycling, e-statements, and consumer remote deposit
  • Convergence of staff and technology across Day 2 and other payments processes
  • “Deep-dive” case studies into some of the other special projects and interests of specific business lines

Other key elements of the Forum
Forums are a venue for senior managers to share industry knowledge, discuss visionary ideas, and manage through change in their organizations and the industry. Forum meetings differ from other conferences by nurturing several distinctive values: 

  • Lively, interactive discussions
  • Camaraderie – participants meet three times a year
  • More idea and research generation for the industry
  • Unequalled networking opportunities 
  • No vendor booths or sales pitches, and no press